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Jonathan D Conant Attorney At Law PLLC


I am a driven professional, taking the lead when opportunity presents itself. I am goal oriented, open to sharing ideas and developing strategies for the optimization of all interests involved. My professional goal is always to assist parties in achieving the best outcome available for the most concerns involved. Above all, ethics and dare I say morality must be taken into account.

When mediating, I use many different tools and techniques as not every mediation will follow the same track as a another. A good mediator must not only follow the changes which occur in the process but assist and direct the parties in finding a unified direction towards settlement. I draw on a lifetime of experiences and education to find commonality with the concerns and needs of the parties to enable me to empower them with the ability to collectively decide the how the situation should be resolved.

Mediation Areas of Concentration (in Alphabetical order): Complex Negotiation, Construction Claims, Cross-Cultural Negotiations, Employment Law Claims, Family Mediations, Foreclosure Negotiations, Injury Claims, Malpractice Claims.

Legal Representation Areas of Concentration: Social Security Disability